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Carraway Group is committed to protecting the data collected pertaining to its users. This policy details the collection, use, and protection of personal information we receive from site visitors. By entering this website you consent to its use of cookies as pertaining to the terms of this policy.

Data Collection

Carraway Group collects the minimum amount of personally identifiable information necessary to improve this site and the service we provide. Data we collect includes any or all of the information you provide while using this website and/or services.

Use of Information

Carraway Group may use the personal information collected through this site specifically for the purposes detailed in this policy. Personal information that we process for any reasons won’t be kept longer than is necessary for those purposes. Carraway Group will take reasonable measures to prevent the loss or misuse of your personal information (e.g. encryption).

Statement of Compliance with the Hong Kong Labor Department's Code of Practice for Employment Agencies

Carraway Group Limited (hereinafter “Carraway”) is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, ethical behavior, and integrity in all that we do. As part of these standards, we are committed to full compliance with the Hong Government Labor Department’s Code of Practice for Employment Agencies (hereinafter “the Code”). As an executive search company, we go above and beyond the guidelines outlined in the Code. Carraway trains all staff in matters relating to the Code and encourages them to report any abuses they come across either in our business or that of our suppliers and/or clients.

For clarity Carraway highlights its full commitment to compliance with the following practices:

1.            Carraway prohibits the withholding of worker identity or immigration documents (Sections 3.11 and 4.13 of the Code)

2.            Carraway ensures workers are provided with detailed and accurate work agreements or similar work papers in a language understood by the worker, prior to relocation (in cases the worker is relocated to perform the work) (Sections 4.8 and 4.10 of the Code)  

3.            Permits workers (including migrant workers) to cancel their work contracts at any time with no financial penalty, subject to giving reasonable notice in accordance with local law or collective agreement (Section 4.10 of the Code)

4.            Carraway prohibits the use of recruiters or labor brokers, including child labor, who do not comply with the local labor laws of the country in which recruiting occurs.


This Statement of Compliance is published on behalf of Carraway Group Limited.

Daren Miller, Director of Carraway Group Limited

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